The de-stress pose.

This is a pose that is super to do just before you ride, but also is easy to do during the day when you need a de-stress breather…enjoy!

The pose: Table Top

Its great for your riding because is targets 3 areas of the body while relaxing you before you get on.

3 targets for the rider’s body: 

1. Opens the upper back

2. Stretches the front body

3. Lengthens the back of the legs

2 de-stressing actions: 

1. In order to get a deep opening, the pose requires long, deep breaths to truly get the most from the opening of the pose.

2. Lowering your head to or past waist level is a great relaxer.
I use this pose when ever I feel tight, stiff or just wrung out with work or other such stresses.


Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Hold onto a rail close to your hip height. Bend at hips to get a 90 degree angle. Focus on keeping your abs firm to support your back as you open your chest and press your shoulder blades together.  With each breath allow the lengthening of your hamstrings.

Table Top Pose - The de-stress pose.

Table Top Pose – The de-stress pose.