5 poses to correct posture problems while at work.

Ouch! Nothing worse than a rib that pops out of place.

After many days of necessary work done at my computer, I have been spending less time riding the horses and more time flying a desk.

After two days of overlooking incorrect posture at my desk, it got the best of me and now my upper back has had enough. In response to such atrocious posture, my rib has displaced itself.

Our lives and our jobs have a tendency to send our bodies in a forward motion. Hunching over your computers while progressing through a pile of work, walking to your next task, leaning forward in your car while trying to get through traffic and even riding a circle trying to figure out an exercises your instructor just gave you are all examples of this. In our attempt to focus, our bodies tend to cave a bit in that focused intensity.

Forward is good! However, hunching into your forward work is not. As you move forward through your tasks during the day, think about opening up as you move forward. You may find you enjoy the scenery around you as your focus opens up as well.

I have put together a few very simple poses to do in-between desk workouts for you professionals out there having difficulty getting away from your computers.  (I know, I’m clearly not at my office desk. But what good is a picture without a horse in it anyway? Meet my lovely Penelope.  My 4 yr old dressage hopeful!) These poses work best for me when I do them every thirty minutes or so throughout my computer working days. They are designed to open up your upper back, stretch your lower back and legs and remind you to engage those abs!

5 poses to correct posture problems while you sit.

Defeat the desk job slump! Open up while working.