Rider Behind the Poses

A USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, FEI rider and competitor, instructor, trainer and lifetime horse lover, Melynnda Thiessen has been involved in the equestrian arts for 25 years and counting.

She began her  riding career as an endurance rider at the age of 8, completing 75 mile (rides) at a time. From there she got involved in Pony Club where she was introduced to her passion for dressage.  As a college student, she took a break from dressage training and participated in college rodeo, natural horsemanship, and other such horse related activities, knowing she would soon jump back into dressage.  At the age of 27 her opportunity came to train full time.  After several years of full time training with Dale Forbes, Spokane Dressage llc was opened as an avenue to teach other riders. As time progress it became increasingly necessary to incorporate cross training fitness methods into the training of the riders, and so Equimance was established.

No matter what discipline or level of riding, Melynnda’s methods utilizes a bodywork program off the horse. The goal is to generate stability on the horse using poses off the horse.  Melynnda has a background in many athletic arenas including Pilates, yoga, track & field, endurance riding and college athletics that have required high performance athleticism that calls on cross training. Dressage has been no exception.  The goal is to pass along proven techniques in rider fitness that enhance any rider’s performance and enables them to enjoy a higher level of learning.



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