1st Pose – A stretch for the Flexors

With introductions to the Sassy F.L.A.B. rider bodywork out of the way I’d like to move on to some basic exercises found in this handbook that are quick to do and fit in between your basic routine.

This is the first exercise out of the SF handbook coming your way. (hoping to get one out every week or so) I have favorites that I’ll cover with you folks, you can always pick your own faves out of the handbook. For now, these freebies are for you to experiment with. -Always remember to stop if you feel pain of any kind-

The pose: Crouch

This is my all-around favorite. A chiropractor actually introduced me to this one. You may wish to do this pose in many places other than just the barn before you ride. I began this exercise when I was driving a lot. I learned to stop the car, get out and do this stretch to protect my lower back from car injury. It just plain feels good, and for me, feels therapeutic.


Find a solid fence post. Hold with both hands as you gently lower to a crouched position.  Rock back on your heels while holding yourself up using the post. Allow your hind end to lower as close to the ground as possible while reaching with straight arms to the post. As you breathe, allow your lower back to release deeper into the stretch.

Poses to stabilize the rider's body.

1st pose out of Sassy F.L.A.B. handbook

Benefits to your riding:

A good warm-up stretch, loosens the lower back, thus allowing the lengthening of the flexors and muscles of the leg (as found under the “Stretching the Flexors” in the SF handbook)

Location in Sassy F.L.A.B. handbook:

Chapter 4, Section 1 “Stretching the Flexors”

Disclaimer of Liability:
The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. While the book is as accurate as the author can make it, there may be errors, omissions and inaccuracies.


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